WELCOME Roma Integration Association

Who we are

Established   in   2010,   the   Roma   Integration Association   is   a   voluntary organisation   comprised   primarily   of   Roma   men   and   women   living   in Ireland.      Membership   is   open   to   anyone   who   supports   our   aims   and includes Roma and non-Roma people from a variety of countries.  Currently   we   are   unfunded   and   rely   exclusively   on   the   dedication of   volunteers   to   achieve   our   aims.      We   are   actively   developing   a collaborative   network   of   organisations   and   individuals,   both   Irish and   non-Irish,   to   give   a   voice   to   the   Roma   people   in   Ireland.     As   we develop   our   capacity,   our   hope   is   that   we   will   attract   funding   for projects to achieve our aims.

What we stand for

The   Roma   Integration   Association   aims   to   promote   and   preserve Roma   culture   in   Ireland,   to   overcome   any   negative   perceptions   of Roma    here,    and    to    work    towards    the    full    integration    of    Roma people   into   Irish   society.      To   achieve   these   aims   we   will   work   with any   other   individuals   and   organisations   in   Ireland   and   abroad,   from both the governmental and non-governmental sectors.
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International Roma & Traveller Day, EU Commission Office Dublin - April 8th 2013 Click here for more info The Irish Immigrant Support Centre “In from the Margins - Roma in Ireland Click here for more info Roma Integration Association 53 Dorset Street Dublin 1 Tel: +353 1 6713639 / 086 8628415 Fax: +353 1 6773887 Email: romaintegrationassociation@yahoo.ie   Co-ordinator Dublin : Stelian Ciuciu Secretary: Florin Ciuciu, Stelian Ciuciu Jnr Company Number: 485776
International Roma & Traveller Day
How we hope to achieve our aims  Develop our Association's profile and capacity Build a collaborative network with other individuals and organisations in Ireland and abroad Organise and support research into the various types of Roma communities in Ireland with particular regard to their social history and specific culture Highlight the challenges faced by Roma in Ireland and abroad Identify and organise projects aimed at Roma integration Participate in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community development projects targeting Roma

Empowering and Representing Ethnic Roma Minorities and their Organisations in Ireland