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For George Soros, Roma are victims of the crisis (Press Europe-16th May 2013) Begging is not rooted in Roma traditions, but in poverty (Livia Jaroka, MEP - May 2013) Time for Europe to Confront Anti-Gypsyism (Open Democracy- May 2013) gypsyism Life in Tents is too Hard (MediaRoma - April 2013) Far Right Groups Target Roma with Violent Protests in Italy (ERRC - April 2013) More work is needed to ensure Roma integration policies are implemented in practice (FRA - April 2013) practice Roma population struggling with poverty and joblessness (Serbia - April 2013) poverty-joblessness_8520610.html 8th April Movement unite around the world and call to End Roma Apartheid (Platform Journal - April 2013) Our Story, Our Rights Group in Brussels (romareact-April 2013) Roma in Bulgaria: a neglected abandoned minority (Bertelsmann Future Challenges, 1st April 2013) Roma activists are standing up against discrimination (Livewire : Amnesty's global human rights blog- March 29th 2013) Roma in France Face Multiple Evictions (ERRC March 2013) Millions don't help Roma integration in Bulgaria (Deutsche Welle - 21st March 2013) Slovakia's Affirmative Action: Will the Roma Really Benefit? (Romedia Foundation - 20th March 2013) benefit/ Roma in France Face Multiple Evictions (ERRC - March 8th 2013) Life inside the Romanian gypsie ghetto that is so grim the town mayor sealed it behind a wall wall-around.html Roma Housing in Spotlight as NGOs Meet New Government in Romania (ERRC - 15th Feb 2013) Taken from the City: Romanian Roma Evicted to a Rubbish Dump (Dec 2012) Gypsies arrived in Europe 1,500 years ago, genetic study says (The Guardian, 7th Dec 2012) Where is Europe's Roma Policy? (The Econonist, 19th Sept 2012) So what are the rules for the Roma in Ireland? (, Feb 2012) The Roma, Europe's pariahs (presseurop) Europe and its Gypsies (Pacific Standard) Irish Attitudes to Roma 103270194.html A Fresh Start for the Roma Community in Ireland (Look Left, Sept 2010) Spain's Tolerance for Gypsies: A Model for Europe?  (Time World, Sept 2010) The Gypsies in history and today, treated as Europe's "public enemy" Gypsies, Travellers, Roma: the Black Sheep of Europe (The New Federalist, Aug 2010) The Plight of the Roma in Eastern Europe: Free at Last? (Wilson Centre, 2010) Italy's Nomad State of Emergency (2008 - to combat the so-called Roma menace) Ireland deports Roma after stand-off over roundabout (The Independent, July 2007) 458753.html The Roma of Eastern Europe: Still Searching for Inclusion (mpi, May 2005) Romani People (Wikipedia) Roma in Pre-War Europe (Holocaust Museum) Genocide of European Roma 1939-1945 (Holocaust Museum) Roma in Ireland (Health Service Executive)
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